The important stuff

Norways Labour and Welfare Administration, NAV, employs around 19.000 people and administers a third of Norways national budget through schemes such as unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance, sickness benefit, pensions, child benefit and cash-for-care benefit.

Contributing to a functioning and clear labour market is one of NAVs social responsibilities. In order to deliver on this, new and improved services, insight and knowledge are key. In 2017 the digital services in place to connect employers and candidates have not been touched in 15 years, and the number of users is a downward spiral.

To change this into a positive spiral, a project was set up to rethink and redesign the sevice in an inspiring, intuitive and efficient way. The higher amount of candidates and employers the servcie manage to attract, the more relevant the service becomes. This makes volume! the main premise for success for this service.

Through Metier OEC, Flammier was hired as a consultant to lead the process of developing a brand for the service and to design the service itself.

The firsts
Until now, the services NAV offer, require administrative procedures you, as a citizen, are obliged to relate to given the situation you find yourself in. The new service in the making is going to be the first time NAV offers a tool the user can use, when and if he or she chooses to. This is an entirely new environment for the administration, with the risk that the service does not attract the amount of users needed to create the upward spiral, and make it relevant.

After careful evaluation and consideration with different parts of the organisation, it was decided that the project would be allowed to go outside of the current strategy. We could start the process of creating a new brand platform for the service. This is the first time a service by NAV will be presented with it’s own name and visual identity.

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