Identity, Web · 2018

Independent Adtech innovating how you place your message in relevant editorial environments.

Kobler is an independent group of analytical technologists and communication experts. They work with the regions largest media houses, connecting people with commercial messages in the relevant editorial environments.

In 2018 Volum2 and Flammier teamed up to give Kobler a new brand strategy, new company name and a new way of communicating their brand and product with a fresh visual identity.

The visual reference and starting point for the logo and the identity is the traditional way of working with text. Highlighting the essence of what you are reading. The typography also points towards editorial content and the color palette brings warmth, quality and seriousness into the mix.

Brand imagery is warm and inviting. At the same time the motives are bold, urban and emphasising the different layers in the massive amount of communication the consumer has to relate to throughout the day. Photos by Sune Eriksen.

Design i collaboration with Jonas Vetlesen